Dia2Code is a text-based command-driven program, so it requires an external program to present a graphical user interface and then invoke it. We have two GUIs avaliable: one based on GTK+ and the other one based on Kaptain ( http://kaptain.sourceforge.net) which uses Qt to render the GUI.


The GTK+ GUI was made by José Antonio Caminero Granja and is avaliable at his homepage: http://www.terra.es/personal/jcamgra/linux/gd2c/

Here is a screenshot:


Kaptain is a program that reads a grammar in input and creates a Qt-based GUI that can invoke another program.

Here is a screenshot of the dia2code GUI I've made:

How to get the Kaptain GUI for dia2code:

  1. Install Kaptain (you'll need the Qt libraries).
  2. Download the dia2code.kaptn script and put it somewhere in your PATH (the script also comes with the source distribution of dia2code).
  3. Change the first line to accomodate your Kaptain installation
  4. Give it executable rights: chmod u+x dia2code.kaptn
  5. Launch it !

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